Smells like blueberry, tastes like coffee

Mmm, sounds delicious.
Smells delicious.
It smells like those cereals that have blueberries in them.

Really this is more of a blueberry scented coffee.blueberry flavored coffee
I have all the anticipation to experience a tidal wave of blueberry on my tongue as I sip. The blueberry smell wafting through my nasal sinuses. Tempting me to take another sip…maybe this NEXT sip will taste like the blueberry my palette desires. (Insert relevant reference to the HTC Desire Android smartphone).

Flavored coffees generally meet my approval. My one exception is Pumpkin Spice coffee that I sampled last year at Tim Hortons. It sounded like a most winning proposition…coffee and pumpkin spices. Coffee and spices can go well together.  Not that you want to taste ACTUAL pumpkin. What we love about the pumpkin pie isn’t the pumpkin, it’s the ginger, allspice (not allspark), nutmeg, sugar, butter and whipped cream that we love. You can make it with sweet potato instead of pumpkin. You could probably make it with rubarb or some completely synthetic and tasteless thickener, add the appropriate spices, and come up with something that would pass as pumpkin pie. Back on topic, my Pumpkin Spice coffee from Tim Hortons tasted like ham.

I don’t understand why, I thought maybe it was a bad batch. I tried it a few more times.

Tasted like ham.

So today it’s Blueberry Cobbler coffee. So far, so good. Smells like blueberries, tastes like coffee, doesn’t taste like ham. Could be worse. Next time I may try the mudslide, or bahama mama.

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