iPhone 4S yellow screen problems

PCMag.com and several other publications are reporting complaints from new iPhone 4S users. The owners are stating that the LCD screens have a yellow hue to them.
Below is a repost of a PCMag.com article with further information on the Apple smartphone problem.


IPhone 4S Users Report Yellow Screen Issue

iphone 4s yellow screen

Despite posting the best numbers for an iPhone launch ever (4 million in the first week), the iPhone 4S isn’t out of the woods yet, as some users are reporting screen quality issues.

The reports began trickling in over the weekend on Apple’s discussion forums with some users claiming that their screen was either “washed out” in terms of contrast clarity, or displaying a yellowish tint. Interestingly, this isn’t the first time such claims have been made with regards to new iPhones. Last year when the iPhone 4 launched many users claimed that their retina displays were showing whites as yellow, prompting many to return to their local Apple store for a replacement.

But what makes the latest claims odder still is that many of the reports indicate that the yellow tint is present mostly the black iPhone 4S, as opposed to the white model. Of course many consumers have reported no problems at all with their iPhone 4S displays, but the reports from the affected customers are piling up, so much so that some have even resorted to calling this “yellowgate.”

For those familiar with Apple history, that nickname may call to mind the “antennagate” moniker attached to the launch of the iPhone 4. Initially, Apple resisted the claims about the new, innovatively crafted antenna. But after numerous reports were filed by both consumers and media alike, Steve Jobs finally relented and held a special press conference to address the issue as well as offer special cases to remedy the matter. In this case, a widespread fix might not be so easy.

So far Apple hasn’t made an official statement regarding the screen reports, but those affected haven’t reported any problems when attempting to return their phones for a replacement unit. You can review the comments related to the screen issue on Apple’s user forums here.

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