Citroen DS 2 light blue with white roof

Well, I thought it would be a funny play on words to start a website called AbsolutCitroën.com.

With any luck I’m not the first person to make this association, hahaha 😛  I think it popped into my head, because I have the Cooking Network playing on TV in the background, and there was an Asian cooking show.  It was all about Szechuan cuisine.  When Szechuan was being pronounced on the show, I kept hearing ‘citron‘ in my head.  So, make the short mental leap from ‘citron’ to ‘Citroën’, and there you go.  I happen to be a car guy who is interested in WRC rally racing.  Of course Citroën and citron are not pronounced exactly the same.  Close enough.  I tend to read the ‘Push’ signs written on the other side of glass doors and attempt to open them the wrong way as well.  It’s not dyslexia, I tend to prefer to think that my mind flips it around unconsciously.  🙂


Citroen WRC Airborne

What is funny, is that if you do a domain name search for exactly that, it converts AbsolutCitroën.com into absolutcitroffffebn.com.

I guess it doesn’t like the ë very much.  Well anyways, the domain name isn’t available, but Absolut-Citroen.com is free as of this moment while I’m typing.  I’m not really sure how I could combine Citroën and Absolut Vodka (I’m not much of a Vodka fan myself).



A Fit Girls Martini website screenshot

While searching however (for these terms) I came across a fellow WordPress Blogger’s page at FitGirlsMartini.com.

Or perhaps it’s Fit-Girl-Smartini.  But I think it’s probably the former.
Either way, I don’t personally know the author of the site, but it’s really a pretty sharp looking page and it uses the TwentyEleven theme that WordPress usually sets as it’s default theme.

Anyways, I recommend stopping by her site to give it a look.

Cheers !

Absolut Vodka family of flavors with Ruby Red in the foreground.

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