Rick Ross – Rolled off Plane after Seizure

Rap music superstar Rick Ross has reportedly suffered a seizure on a Delta Airlines flight and was rolled off of the plane in an  unconscious state according to TMZ.com news and other sources.  TMZ appears to be the main source of information  that a few other websites are repeating, so hopefully their information is accurate.  You can imagine how these things might spread.  I was recently discussing with a colleague, that a celebrity or public figure (whose name I do not recall) was though to be dead due to some false information on the internet that propagated quickly. 

There is also a paradox (if that is the correct word) where an article on Wikipedia may be edited to include wrong information, while another website will cite this information, which propagates, and then Wikipedia can site all of the websites that have posted this wrong information.  The internet can be be a funny place 😛

Rick is also known as William Leonard Roberts II (born 1976) according to Wikipedia.
On an unrelated note, NYMag.com reports that “Rick Ross Does Not Use His iPhone to Play Angry Birds.”  I will leave out the part regarding what he does apparently use his iPhone for in his song “9 Piece,”  but you can Google the lyrics yourself if you are curious to find out.

Either way, seizures are apparently not fun at all, and we probably wouldn’t wish them on anyone.

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