5 Transformers We Want in Transformers 4 & 5

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I DEFINITELY would like to see Grimlock in the next Transformers movie.


Anywho, here is the article:


5 Transformers We Want in Transformers 4 & 5

With the recent news that Paramount wants more Transformers movies pretty quick, fans are obviously wish-listing what bots they want to see in the new movies. With so many major characters on both the Autobot and Decepticon sides killed by the end of Dark of the Moon, it opens the next movies to introducing some new Transformers. Here are five that will get us super excited to see on the big screen with eye-blistering ILM CG.



Do him as a Dinosaur. Have Grimlock arrive on Earth and the first thing he sees is a giant model Dinosaur at a museum or something. Part of the reason why people are so excited about the Fall of Cybertron game is because Grimlock is in it. He’s a huge fan favorite and by far the #1 Transformer that deserves to be in one of the movie.


While Optimus proved his eternal bad-ass status by killing both Sentinel Prime and Megatron with only one arm, it’s still possible to bring Megatron back in the sequels. Just do him as Galvatron, although they obviously couldn’t use Leonard Nimoy for the voice after the last movie.

Ultra Magnus

Sentinel Prime kind of filled the role of the “other Autobot truck” in the last movie, so they could save Magnus for the fifth movie, but they should still bring him in. Give Optimus a friend and protegee with him, and just imagine how awesome it’ll be to see two big truck Transformers fighting side-by-side in robot form.

Hot Rod/Rodimus

I admit that I wasn’t much of a Hot Rod fan initially. I kind of found him a bit annoying, although never at Wheelie levels. But by the end of the animated movie, when he gains the Matrix and becomes a Prime to the Stan Bush soundtrack, I was a fan. Hot Rod would be a good character to introduce in the fourth movie, and by the end of the sixth they can have him prove himself and become Rodimus.


If they do Hot Rod, they need Kup. The last movie did have an “old” Transformer in the form of Wheeljack/Q, but he died a quick death. Hot Rod would need Kup as the old guy to keep an eye on him, and the only question is who they could get to do the voice. Clint Eastwood as Kup, anyone?

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