#OccupyBandNames – OWS humor

Funny stuff on Twitter today

Some of this is in light of complaints about sanitation in the tent-city that sprung up among the ‘Occupiers’

Dependant on The Mammas and The Pappas
Stinkin’ Park
Rage Against the Government
Earth Wind and Fire the Workers
Paul Revere and the Corporate Raiders
The Red Hot Pepper Sprays
Kings of Leon Trotsky
They Might Be Scabies
REO Paddywagon
Men Not At Work
The Moody Reds
Rage Against My Allowance
Sects Pistols
Florence and the Paternalist Capitalist Imperialist Fascist Machine
Big & Rich don’t care about Small & Broke
Death Tent for Hippy
John Cafferty and the Public Masturbation In Front of a 12 Year-Old Girl Band
Rage Against the Latrine
Stock Market Crash Test Dummies
The Take a Dump on E Street Band

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