#ihatewhenpeople – Twitter Trends

Some (sometimes) humorous Tweets I observed today by the trend #ihatewhenpeople

#ihatewhenpeople Call me and don’t have nothing to talk about.

#ihatewhenpeople text me & when I text back they don’t reply back don’t waste my time.

#ihatewhenpeople wake me up while im sleep. if im sleep that means DO NOT DISTURB unless its an emergency

#ihatewhenpeople that dont manage to brush they teeth always end up in my face…

#ihatewhenpeople walk really slow in front of me -_-

#ihatewhenpeople get in the fast lane and drive slow

#ihatewhenpeople push you into being mad then act like they surprised when you mad #hypocrites
#ihatewhenpeople try to have full blown convos with me early in the morning
#ihatewhenpeople are arrogant. You are not better than me and vice versa.
#ihatewhenpeople talk back to they mom..
#ihatewhenpeople constantly brag about themselves/their hard work lol we get itttt
#IHateWhenPeople comment on things they’ve 1. never experienced & 2. have little to no knowledge about
read more by logging into your Twitter account, and searching with the hashtag #iHateWhenPeople

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