Halloween Season is Here !

funny halloween mummyHalloween is just around the corner, and so is the holiday shopping season !
Do you have any ideas yet for either ?
Let’s think about Halloween.  For Halloween we have the perennial favorites like the Scream mask (from the movie), Maverick and Iceman from Top Gun and Rainbow Brite.  We also have the hot, new costumes and characters.  I had done some thinking about the costume industry this year, and I’m sure there is always a big turnout for recent movie characters and public figures in the media.  This year I am predicting lots of Michael Jackson and Steve Jobs costumes, as well as a possible appearance of Captain America (even though this was a few months ago).  You can be sure that vampires will turn out in droves.  Twilight and True Blood are so popular right now that I would expect to see many Edward’s and Jacob’s, Bill’s and Sookie’s.  (Mind you have haven’t seen a single episode or movie in these series’; the names are no less familiar).  Even Transformers, Green Lantern and Thor may show up to celebrate and have some pumpkin pie with us.
funny halloween mummyIn the real-world news this year, we lost Steve Jobs and Betty Ford;  football legent Bubba Smith;  musicians Amy Winehouse, Michael Jackson, Clarence Clemons, Mike Starr (Alice in Chains) and Nate Dogg .  Actors Peter Falk (aka Columbo), Michael Gough (Albert from the Batman movies) and Elizabeth Taylor also departed in 2011.  Ryan Dunn and Macho Man Randy Savage also are no longer with us.
Now.  I’m sure that everyone on this list will be somebody’s Halloween costume this year.  But as far as popular ones, I’m betting on Steve Jobs, Amy Winehouse and Michael Jackson to top the list.  Mostly because they are so recognizable and well known.  I am also, for better or worse, expecting a certain number of Osama Bin Ladens to appear on Halloween.  It’s a touchy subject indeed, being such a controversial person to many cultures.  But I’m sure there will be some.

funny halloween mummyNot to take away from all the living public figures this year.  Presidents are always a popular choice:  Barack Obama, George Bush and Bill Clinton are sure to join our celebrations.
In the music world, top songs this week can be heard on the radio by Britney Spears, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga and the Foo Fighters (Dave Groll being the likely costume choice).  And let’s not forget, what girl wouldn’t like to be Beyonce or Taylor Swift for a day ?  They currently have top 10 songs or albums listed in Billboard as I am writing this.  Other popular choices may be Justin Bieber, Jennifer Lopez, Nicky Minaj, Snookie (not a musician, but thought I would toss her in here), Ricky Martin, Pitbull and of course Elvis Presley.

funny halloween mummyAnother category of costuming goes to the creative types.
One year, at an Honors Program Halloween Party at UB (SUNY at Buffalo, back when I was a freshman or sophomore), I went to Home Depot, bought a large plastic/rubber garbage can, cut out the back because I was too large to fit, went to the party early and sat in the corner waiting to jump out at the first person who tried to toss something inside 🙂
I was quite proud of myself, and I ended up getting ‘1st Runner-Up’ for most creative costume.  I do not recall who won the category.  All that I remember from that year was a friend named Tim who dressed up as Monica Lewinsky.  You can use your imagination if you like.
I recall hearing my brother discuss the “Peanut Butter and Jelly” group costume (one person dresses up like a jar of Peanut Butter, and the other dresses up like a jar of Jelly).  Clever play on words there !
Charlie Sheen ! (just occurred to me…okay, back on track…where was I ….)

funny halloween mummy>Pet costumes are always cute as well.  There aren’t many celebrity pets or other well known animals in the world (that people would easily identify and actually KNOW who your pet is trying to be), but you could always do the Paris Hilton and Lala idea, if you happen to have a Chihuahua that will let you dress him or her up in pink.

funny halloween mummyAnd for the rest of us without any particularly creative ideas, check out this website for some suggestions and supplies:  http://www.GiftsAndCostumes.com
This site has some of the better and more popular costumes culled from several sites and sources.  One stop to find them, click the pictures to see where you can buy them if you like.

Happy Halloween !!
funny halloween mummy

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