WRX vent control evap valve thing


Anybody know where to get one of these ?? (the square piece on the top with the plug sticking out of the top).  Autozone says they don’t carry it.  I tested the harness with the test-mode connectors connected;  the harness is supplying 12 volts, but this little guy doesn’t click when connected to the harness or when connected to a different 12 volt source.  My problem is that when filling up my gas tank, the pump shuts off after about 3 seconds.  I took everything apart and checked the rubber hoses for any blockage.  When fueling up, if I hit this part with a wrench after trying to fill up, I hear a “glug glug glug” sound, and then the rest of the tank fills up with no problem.  I suspect this part may have failed.  My ‘check engine’ light comes on and the code is P1443.  I’ve known about the problem for about 6 months, but just haven’t bothered to fix it yet.

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