smores burger

Look, it’s a smurger ! that’s a smores-burger.

I’m not sure what this would taste like though 😛
a smurger, that's a smores with graham cracker, marshmallow and chocolate, with a mini slider hamburger, a smurger


Apparently (one of my favorite words), ‘smurger’ also is this:



L85 Arms Warrior

Smurger character from World of Warcraft, Level 85 Arms Warrior


Or, if numbers and mathematics are your game, I located this test question from Pacific University Oregon:

1. Burger Smurger charges $3.25 for a burger smurger and $0.25 for each additional topping.
a) Find a formula that models the cost C of a burger smurger with x toppings.
It costs $3.25 no matter what for a burger and $0.25 for each additional x, or topping.
Thus we have
C = 3.25 + 0.25x
b) Find the cost of a burger smurger with 3 extra toppings.
In our equation, we let x = 3. Thus we have
C = 3.25 + 0.25(3) = 4.00

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