Mark Higgins, Isle of Man record, David Higgins at Pike’s Peak

The Isle of Man TT is a well known and unique motorcycle race. But this time it’s in a car and the driver is Subaru Rally Team USA driver David Higgins.
The video is pretty amazing; jump at 2:15 and recap of where he almost “loses it” from 4:00 till the end. The video shows in-car driver at the controls, as well as overhead helicopter view during the fish-tailing; quite a good save. He hits 160mph in several places. Higgins’ average speed for the course is 115mph over the span of around the 19 minute 37 second lap. That’s not just amazing, it’s beyond amazing. Watch the video below. There is a special note at the beginning that the speed of the video has not been edited. It’s as fast as it looks…in fact probably faster if you are actually in the car.

photo of Mark Higgins airborne in his record setting lap at the Isle of Man in a Subaru Impreza WRX STI

Image credit goes to Jensen Beeler, here is the direct link to the article:

Official Subaru Video:

Meanwhile, over here in the U.S., Mark’s brother David recently competed in the Last Chance Global Rallycross Championship. The video is also an official Subaru video from their YouTube channel. 8 cars lined up in 2 rows of four race in the AWD Super Rally. There is some minor carnage and bumping, as would be expected. This event was held June 17-18 at Pike’s Peak International Raceway in Colorado. 1st place went to Tanner Foust in a 2011 Ford Fiesta and David Higgins took 2nd place in his 2011 Subaru Impreza STI.

See more information, pictures and videos from the Global Rallycross series here:

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