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Ithaca Beer Company, Ground Break bottle of craft beer



This will sound a little odd, but I actually taste bacon or ham flavor when drinking ‘Ground Break’ by Ithaca Beer Company.  It is subtle but very identifiable.  Now that I am thinking about it, I think this one may be spoiled too, my stomach feels a bit odd at the moment.  As they are stored at Wegmans, these aren’t refrigerated and aren’t covered (the full bottle is exposed to light, which is supposedly bad), and I’m not sure how long they might have been on the shelf.  I will have to try it again in the future to get a better sample.

Extra points awarded to anyone who can identify the piece of music used as a backdrop for the photo 😉

Here is what Ithaca Beer Company says about this brew (content directly from

[begin quoted section from Ithaca Beer website]

Ground Break American-Style Saison
Availability: Feb. – Apr.
An Americanized – think hoppy – Saison,
Ground Break is brewed with generous amounts of Amarillo, Crystal and Glacier hops and flaked rye.  It’s fermented with a blend of Belgian and American yeasts. 

Enjoy the very dry and hoppy bite of Ground Break as the first signs of change start breaking up the long cold winter!

Ground Break bottle and glass
IBUs: Coming Soon
ABV: 6%
Malt: Flaked Rye, Carpils, Malted Barley
Hops: Amarillo, Crystal, Glacier
Other: Belgian & American yeas

[end quoted section from Ithaca Beer website]

By comparison, another beer that I am sampling today -Custom Brewcrafters EPA – has a light hint of prunes.  I also have a bottle of Blue Point Brewing Co. Summer Ale, which is tingling a bit on the tongue and makes my stomach feel a little bit sour.  I have had this experience before and I think it could mean that the beer has spoiled.

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