Interesting web page layout

I think this webpage layout is somewhat unique relative to what I am used to looking at (for news pages). Here is a screenshot below, I apologize if it is quite small, it was the easiest way to get a good look at the full page without cutting and pasting several images together. I like the way the panels are different sizes and inter-lock. Have a look:

home page Toronto Sun 7-1-2011

The image is click-able and will take you to, although after today the page content will likely change. I like that the page doesn’t use flash or anything fancy to slow down the page loading time. If you happen to view the page on a mobile phone, you may be redirected to the slimmed-down mobile version of the site I also find it to be more interesting to look at than Google News (not that there is anything wrong with Google’s simple and clean layout).

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