How to email and text without offending anyone :)

Email/Texting tips of the day:

Use a smiley or two if you write something that might be taken the wrong way 🙂 : ) Choose an appropriate smiley. This one 😛 : P might be silly, or it could be nasty too. Choose carefully 🙂 : )

Too many smileys can become tiresome, but one or two can mean the difference between someone understanding what was meant and possibly getting into an unpleasant argument. (Offenders of this may have this problem repeatedly. Sooner or later they will hopefully learn how to communicate more effectively).

Include details (when, where, why, how) and take a moment to make sure that what you wrote is both concise and polite.
Otherwise, be prepared to get into many verbal fights and arguments.
Details are important.
Without details, the person receiving the message will likely have to ask 4 or 5 more questions to understand what the writer was trying to say.

Efficient and polite communication makes everyone’s day nicer.

Be careful when capitalized letters are used.  ALL CAPS MAKES PEOPLE FEEL LIKE THEY ARE BEING SHOUTED AT.  (Sorry about that, just using it for an example 🙂 : )

Ending a sentence with !!!! or !?!?!  can also make someone feel like they are being shouted at, or being sarcastically ridiculed.  Try to find polite words to replace the excessive exclamation points and question marks.  One will do the job.  Reserve exclamation points for when you are excited or if you really do mean to shout (sometimes people shout unfortunately).

Finally, typing on a phone (smartphone or other) can be difficult.  It’s tough to find the commas and periods sometimes, and can be tiresome typing out complete sentences and spelling words out.  However, leaving out words or important punctuation can make it very confusing to interpret.  It can be very hard for the recipient to understand what is being said.  So, even on a cell phone, the suggestions above are still important.
Thank you all for taking the time to read my post.

Feel free to share this with anyone that you have difficulty communicating with.
I hope everyone has a great day 🙂 : )

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