Add chicken fingers to anything at Wellington Pub

BBQ Bacon Burger with 2 medium hot chicken fingers inside for lunch at the Wellington Pub at 1541 Hertel Avenue, Buffalo, NY 14216I had lunch today at the Wellington Pub on Hertel Avenue and Wellington in Buffalo.
For $2.00 you can add two chicken fingers to anything. I added it to a BBQ Bacon Burger, but you could add it to Grilled Cheese, or whatever you like.  I didn’t know they were actually going to put it inside the sandwich, but it worked out quite well.  It reminds me of the Stinger sub that used to be at the former Campus Sub Shop at the University at Buffalo.  It was a combined roast beef and chicken finger sub.
Here we have all of the major food groups covered: burger, bacon, chicken and cheese 🙂
Good stuff.
Here you can find the Wellington Pub website and menu.  Typical food includes appetizers, sandwiches, wraps, burgers, salads and drinks.  There is a bar area, a dining area as well as a covered outdoor patio area on the sidewalk.  The area is full of shops and businesses, so there is plenty to do in the area.  Parking is on the street and sidestreets.  During lunch hours on a Friday the restaurant isn’t too busy and the service is quick and friendly.
Their website is built and hosted by a local Buffalo company,

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