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MP3 of The Day

Week of 11/28/2011: Very cool contrasting sections between the ‘Nice Sprites’ and the ‘Scary Monsters.’ The Nice Sprites section reminds me of something I can’t place exactly. But it sounds so cool. Give it a listen. Older Favorites:


Worst Passwords. Don’t use any of these 😛 From the Annals of Today’s Twitter funnies: A password that YOU can’t remember password your name your birthdate abcdefg asdfasdf youwillneverguessthepassword your name + 123 password + 123 1111 The computer says…

#OccupyBandNames – OWS humor

Funny stuff on Twitter today #OccupyBandNames Some of this is in light of complaints about sanitation in the tent-city that sprung up among the ‘Occupiers’ Dependant on The Mammas and The Pappas Stinkin’ Park Rage Against the Government Earth Wind…